About Us

Hi! We are Ellie & Natalie.

We met where all amazing friends and business partners meet, on Reddit! We are two people who speak the same language (astrology) and want to help others get fluent too.

Let’s Fuck With Astrology was born out of desire and necessity. We wanted to have a fun and open-minded community to bring people together, share ideas and learn to unpack the symbolism in astrology. Please join us and let’s fuck with astrology together!

Ellie has been fucking with astrology for the past 25 years. Primarily self-taught from many different schools of astrology. She considers herself an “Eclectic Astrologer.” She has a bachelor’s in psychology that she uses every day in her approach towards astrology-teaching, learning, and with clients. Book a session with Ellie!

Natalie: bad at social media

Natalie has been fucking with astrology for the last 10 – 15 years,
but she wasn’t truly immersed until coming across & falling in love with Evolutionary Astrology.
She has studied under some amazing astrologers, including Jeffery Wolf Green’s School of Evolutionary Astrology.
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In addition to astrology, she’s a talented artist/photographer whose work can be found here.