Star Cards – SOLD OUT

STAR CARDS are currently sold out. We are working on it!

What are Star Cards?
They are a set of 45 astrology cards and a notebook that features 100 pages of text, exercises, and ideas. Unlike other astrology texts, the cards make study more interactive, immersing you in the learning experience. Being able to put house, sign, and planet cards next to one another is an amazing way to help visualize the process and synthesize different parts of the chart together, bringing astrology to life!

The Cards: 45 color-coded 4×6 cards. One side features the glyph/symbol & the other features beautiful designs, keywords, text, modalities, shadow side, and even some information on how to synthesize (example: how might planets in any given sign act).

  • 12 Sign Cards (white)
  • 12 House Cards (gray)
  • 10 Planet Cards (black)
  • 06 Aspect Cards which include Conjunction, Trine, Sextile, Square, Quincunx, and Opposition (the border colors match their respective colors from
  • 05 “Misc” Cards which include Chiron, the Lunar Nodes, Sun/Moon Midpoint, & Black Moon Lilith (purple border)

The Book: Over 100 pages of text to accompany the cards that cover the basics like the elements, modalities, different house systems, chart & aspect patterns, the nodal axis, and retrograde planets among other things. The book is also interactive, filled with examples and exercises for you to practice with room for you to take notes right on the pages! We even included pictures of the cards in the physical copy of the book should anything get misplaced (*the PDF version does not include pictures of the cards*).

If you’re looking for some added information or inspiration on how to use the cards, please check out our YouTube channel!

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